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02 October 2006

News from the Net

It looks like we have more advances in tiny gas turbines. This one runs at 500000 rpm and generates 100 watts

Netflix is willing to pay you to improve their service

Google buys the garage they started in

It appears that another country, Brazil, has been ahead of the USA in technology and politics for 10 years. Too bad it appears that M$ is tampering with the votes

Comcast must really be desperate (and suck) for them to call people up and lie about their competitor. Of course, lying is not new to them... They have been lying about DSL and the quality of Comcast services since day 1.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the election fraud

Good luck flying to Europe anytime soon

How about a conversational robot?

Or some really nice wooden pc cases for those DIY projects?

Jurassic Park on the way. We now have blood vessels, bone cells and possible blood cells of a TRex

It appears we are now broadcasting TV for aliens... Bet they aren't paying Comcast

What I find interesting is not that Google refuses to give over records to the Brazilian Government, but that eight million Brazilians use Orkut and I still can't get an account

oooh! 14 Tbps over a single fiber!!!

For all those budding merchants out there, how about the physics of store locations?

You may soon have to find a new way to play Texas Hold'em, since the House passed a bill making it illegal for banks to do online gambling transactions

Apple uses underhanded tactics to rip you off on video purchases

This makes me wish I had kept my frequent flyer miles when I closed out a couple credit cards

Low-cost pictures from the sky

Chemists break some laws

I'm not going to tell you what this is, because I really can't sum up how cool the synopsis sounds

Want to know how high quality Dell machines are? They are going to help you throw them away

Universal Studios seems to be catching up to the porn industry

Ok, even I think Doctor Who is cheating. I don't think you should be able to claim "longest running show" if you stop for years on end. Maybe I should just redo the first video ever and say that I have produced the longest running show?

You know, maybe we should just give in. I said it, give in. Hollywood is right - piracy has a ripple effect that hurts the economy. I mean, after all, Hollywood itself (and the members of the MPAA) got their start from stealing from Thomas Edison and not paying him for his patents. Obviously, the movie making business as a whole has completely demolished our economy. Idiots.

As you might have guessed, the USA is reluctant to do what they agreed to - and so has decided that we have to give them a few more years to decide

Wow. After many many lawsuits, the GIF image format is now free from patents

... and the Scientific community has the balls to talk shit about Parapsychology?

You may soon see online browsing behavior used to proove your identity in court

Ok, this is a little bit of education for those parents out there... If you *really* think that Ozzy taught your kid to commit suicide, that Snoop showed them how to be gang bangers, or that Grand Theft Auto taught them how to kill -- commit yourself to an asylum, give your kids up for adoption, and NEVER EVER think of breeding -- EVER!

I guess the Brazilians are also ahead of the USA in figureing it all out.....Somos Estupidos.....I have no clue how to say that in Portuguese....

Posted by Sarah on Mon Oct 02 09:16:00 PDT 2006