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16 October 2006

News from the Net

And now we know why bookstores sell cookies

Howard Stern for free

Wikipedia goes mobile

Hobby Rocketeers are now required to get federal background checks?

More laser-powered chemistry

Yumm.. nuclear fish

French Scientist show that they know nothing about Geeks

Stephen Hawking, actor

Bye bye blue mailbox

The State of the Android is strong

Regardless of what Novell says, we all know why they really dropped ReiserFS

Murder more acceptable than porn in Ireland

Element 118 created

911 Googlemap Mashup raises concerns

Is that painting authentic

The Dutch require that all evoting software be replaced, hardware checked, etc

More news on Google's YouTube

You've been tagged - by the airport

pfSense 1.0 officially released

After trying to screw the public AND the judicial system, the RIAA drops a case in Chicago

Newest patent holder to piss us off? Cisco

Ah, NOW we know why everyone had such a weird Friday the 13th

Looks like we have some more good news.. Googles' Docs & Spreadsheets will have an API for 3rd party add-ons

Ever wonder what is going to happen to the non-digital TV channels once they finally move TV off them? Well, you'll probably use some at home

If you think German cars got better in the last 10 years or so, you will love this new legislation...

GPU Gems 3 Call for Participation

ext4 around the corner

$10M X-Prize awarded for fast gene sequencing

New species of mouse found

Sun has become the first Fortune 500 company to hold an 'in-world' (SecondLife) press conference

Color-changing Jupiter

Kill more and Sex less! Population control!

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