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12 October 2006

News from the Net

Changes in Earth's orbit responsible for mammal extinctions?

Need a hug? Wear a vest

Your employee asking for a bigger monitor? Well, it's in your best interest to give it to them

Radioactive escargo

Like to play games? Why not make a living at it?

China Unblocks Wikipedia. Wonder if the government knew about it, or if a hacker took matters into their own hands

Ok, so you don't care about getting an official rating on your game... Doesn't matter. The a*hole Jack Thompson caused Take Two Interactive to be ordered to turn a copy of their new game over to the courts within 24 hours

I've been wondering why I haven't heard anything from Transmeta lately. They are now suing Intel for Patent Infringement

Ok, I am only reporting this because of the name. Portland 1.0 released

New copy protection may prevent playing your DVDs on your home entertainment system -- especially if using DIY home entertainment equipment

100Mbps DSL? I want it!

Forget free speech... Post complaints online about bad service and get sued for $11.3 million

Remember every time you buy something and plug it into your computer, it complains that the drivers aren't signed - but you install them anyways, cuz otherwise your new kewl hardware won't work... well, Windows Vista evidentally will prevent unsigned drivers, thus... forget installing that printer or mp3 player or...

100Mbps DSL would be fabulous, and you know we could come up with uses for it, but the ISP's would probably charge an arm and a leg for it.
where is my damn FIOS....
I want my fiber, I WANT MY FIBER...     
and why did Portland 1.0 have to be tools? why couldn't someone create a game.. think about a Sims expansion with the downtown area of portland, you could get a job at Nike and get free shoes...   

Posted by Silver on Thu Oct 12 03:14:00 PDT 2006
OOO, or a new game like the sims for specific cities, and think of the advertising possibilities, shoe companies allowing custom designs that can be sold online, car companies like Scion where you can customize your ride and then order it through the game. what's that game called, Second life or something? the ideas are endless there.
now that I consider it, it's probably been done. oh well... snif...  

Posted by Silver on Thu Oct 12 03:16:00 PDT 2006