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30 April 2007

SE Asia and The US may soon have a direct internet connection.

Ok, honestly, the only part of how Google collects Earth images is the model airplanes.

Court rules that ripping DVDs is LEGAL. Maybe that is why the MPAA now says they are fine with it.

Looks like I am not the only one who thinks that voting online could be more secure than Diebold.

Verio censors Cryptome and shuts them down.

I am sure you knew that Scotty was shot into space... Did you know that about 200 other people were too?

Evidentally, there is a direct link between cancer and vitamin D deficiency... Does that mean that the soil around yew trees has vitamin D? I'm telling you, more and more I am thinking that various so-called diseases are caused by vitamin/mineral deficiency and/or intolerance.

Ontario builds a 40MW solar power plant.

For those of you who still are naive enough to think that the RIAA aren't so bad -- they are now saying that they get to collect royalties for artists that are not signed up with them. Need that re-explained? Let's say you are a garage band and go out of your way not to sign with a big label (or any label for that matter) -- the RIAA says THEY get the royalties, not you.

We've got some more advances in Carbon Nanotubes. This could help further solar power as well.

Hehe. Slashdot played a role in an RIAA case.

MIT took 28 years to realize that the Dean of Admissions lied about their qualifications.

This is the MOST creative Mac vs Windows comparison I have ever seen.

Computer simulation of half of a mouse brain.

What is more surprising? That there is more oxygen in the universe than nitrogen (though it is the reverse on Earth) of that the Sun produces oxygen via nuclear fusion?

MySpace assists China is censorship.

Micro$oft NBC wants to ensure that their presidential candidate is only shown in good light.

DARPA is working on a Plasma Shield.

Scientists realize that Black Holes and Wormholes may look the same to us.

It seems the problem with bees is caused by a fungus.

A student was arrested for writing an essay that disturbed his teacher. Good thing that teacher wasn't in charge of my fiction writing class!

What a shocker. Apparently the Diebold system can't handle a lot of concurrent accesses.

The RIAA is once again trying to be exempt from the law. They also won the case against University of Wisconsin-Madison, forcing them to release information.

Are you one of those people who still thinks that the US leads the charge for the internet? India is going to provide 2mb broadband to all residents in the next 2 years.

Once again, a judge bitch-slaps Jack Thompson.

Europe tries to criminalize sites like YouTube as well as "hate" pages. I wonder if that counts pages about me hating Bush, Jack Thompson, et al?

Wow! If I ever loose a limb, I think I want this approach to deal with it!

The evil overlord of the MPAA died at age 85.

The Internet2 approaches its theoretical limit.

The RIAA faces a lot of opposition in Oregon... I really like the laundry list: "Electronic Trespass, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Invasion of Privacy, Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, the tort of Outrage, Deceptive Business Practices under Oregon Trade Practices Act, and Oregon RICO"

Here's some interesting, geometry?... er astronomy??

Adobe open sources Flex.

HR333 (1/2 of 666?) submitted to impeach Cheney for High Crimes.

A major Anti-SPAM lawsuit gets filed.

The news (TV) says that Pandas now have a future thanks to Panda P0rn. Evidentally it gets them in the mood enough that they are starting to procreate.

Acer is recalling a lot of Sony batteries.

Potential start of a fix for global warming.

Looks like the RIAA wins against Ohio University.

Oooh. Water as a liquid solid?

As a partial followup to the crap the schools are teaching today -- the UK is encouraging students to drop math altogether.

Would you like an Offline Wikipedia CD? I'm downloading it now.

More Earth-sized planets.

HR964 (Spy Act bill) is designed in such a way to allow spyware to be installed on your computer.

Oooh, now that is a nice processor :)

India joins the space race.

Wow. When it comes to Election Fraud, this is really big!