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17 April 2007

News from the Net

Bush's changes to Daylight Savings Time puts kid in jail for 12 days.

Intel demos PRAM.

NASA probe tests Einsteins theories.

This might shock you. The sales of vinyl are up 10%. Maybe it is because of DJs?

Australia works hard to become the poster child for Fahrenheit 411 style censorship.

Canada instituting a DMCA.

We might have a brain tumor vaccine.

Oooh, 324 GHz

Hmm, a BIOS replacement... Oh yeah, Sun and Mac have been doing that for years.

You know, I'd want this 103" HDTV if it wasn't Panasonic. Knowing them, they'd charge $5k just to tell you how much to RMA it. Sorry, still pissed about my last two attempts at RMA'ing Panasonic products.

North Carolina State University is telling students to remain anonymous and that the school will challenge any RIAA threat.

Scientists think that hypertension may lie within the brain itself.

A self-healing house in Greece protects against earthquakes.

You know what is better than detecting blood clots in the brain? Using infrared light that penetrates the body.

The Liberal Party of Norway wants to make file sharing legal and DRM illegal. That would be nice here, since Sony is now making DVDs that intentionally don't work on older hardware. Can't we get a Class Action Lawsuit against them for selling defective products?

Women outnumber men. Woot!

Ever wonder how people get caught downloading p2p stuff? Here's the details.

World Chess Champion arrested.

Are you worried about robots taking over?

What does it take to get YouTube to remove hundreds of videos? Lie about being part of the recording industry.

You heard about Imus getting fired recently... Did you know that we have a 26 year old blogger to thank for it?

It seems that NASA's software isn't even as reliable as CS101 projects.

If you weren't aware, Google bought DoubleClick.

A new law in Oklahoma aims to prevent large corporations from having to report how much power they consume.

Samsung plans on releasing a dual Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player. Told you it wouldn't take long.

Rhesus Monkey decoded.

Democrats have just put their foot in their mouth and lost the support of a large number of the well-informed.

Oooh, I want to make one of these...

Scientists now think that photosynthesis uses quantum effect.

CentOS 5 released.

Wow, this brings back some memories...

Dinosaur/bird link proven.

Oooh, space-based routers.... Seems like the start of subspace transmissions to me :)

The Bush administration is trying to get even more spying powers.