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10 April 2007

News from the Net

Blizzard says its a copyright violation to use things like antivirus programs with WoW. The company (The9) running WoW in China for Blizzard will now be running Warhammer Online for EA Games.

Sunspots peak higher than any time in the last 998 years...

Have a favorite calculator memory?

Google admits to using Sohu database for Pinyin. They also release the Website Optimizer (beta).

The US Military invests in a hovercraft/helicopter-combo.

Well they finally found out why the black-hole-creator exploded... A mathematical mistake screwed up the design of one of the superconductive magnets.

Debian 4.0 (codename: Etch) has been released.

Prostitution in space? :) Well, that and IPv6.

Oooh! The L1X-75 is a 600hp carbon fiber electric roadster... 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. Only goes about 175 mph. 10000 rpm redline. 200 mile range and recharges via 110v outlet. Not as pretty as the Tesla Roadster though.

O'Reilly opens an online tech school.

Oooh. 3D Virtual Maps for the Blind.

You know, when I am reading about things like invisibility cloaks only blocking a single wavelength of light, I don't see the point... until now... when I read: against, for example, night-vision goggles or laser target designators

GAIM renamed to Pidgin IM. was hacked to spread an exploit?

Last year BofA bought MBNA Bank... Now, the credit cards featuring the Linux Tux are going to be discontinued... Basically all those Linux folks who had the card will have their cards canceled on June 30th.

The RIAA and MPAA are claiming that they have never and never would assume the identity of someone else -- but at the same time are petitioning California legislatures to exempt them from the laws making it illegal. I think it is clear that any politicians that even consider this are in their pockets and should be removed from office.

To slow down P2P traffic, Rogers Cable in Canada has decided to slow down all encrypted traffic... whether P2P, email, vpn, bank transactions, etc... I'm sure they make exemptions for government/military, right?

OpenBSD vs GPL. BeOS faces a similar situation.

Windows Vista security completely broken again.

Good Day Oregon:
  • There are over 39000 pets sick from the pet food so far, and that the number is growing.
  • Good Day Oregon also mentioned that Washingtonians can now register to vote online?
  • Stream has had 12 more cases of Tuberculosis.
  • Diabetes could be connected to Alzheimer's Disease
  • Smoking+Caffeine fights Parkinson's Disease
  • Cocoa reduces blood pressure more than Tea
The EFF is looking for prior art to counter VoIP patents.

Blogger Wolf finally released from jail after 226 days for contempt.

The Turkish Assembly has decided to nationally censor any sites that insult the founder of Turkey.


  1. Hey guess what? Stream has even more TB positives, not sure on the exact number. But, I know it's true because I tested positive and some other employees told me they did too! There's another wave of testing coming up on Tuesday, I'm sure there will be more.

    On the brighter side, at least I get to take 6-12 months of liver damaging pills.

    -Positively Polly

  2. The news had said that the people found were not contagious (which goes against everything I thought I knew about TB) -- and yet, it is spreading.

    Any clue what is actually going on?