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24 April 2007

News from the Net

Time Warner customers will be able to get free WiFi hotspots.

It appears that true kryptonite is not green.

I like this quote: "you can plug non-Intel things into the Intel CPU socket"

So you think I am overreacting to the various patent infringement cases? Apple is being sued for using tabs in their UI.

The FDA is trying to decide whether to allow something without milk and cocoa butter to be labeled "Chocolate". IMHO, I think the cocoa plant should be required to be called chocolate -- but I am OK calling the new stuff "vegetarian chocolate" or something.

It looks like those scientists now agree with the high schoolers on acid.

Hehe. Someone busts Mythbusters stats.

Have you ever thought about running your own ISP? Well, this guy did.

A 64-million year horoscope?

Spiderman hits Broadway.

Soap contains GHB? WTF?

Wow... The addendum to this post is.... well, fucked up... Hey, maybe if I say Wayne Crookes name, he will sue me too and I can counter-sue him for pain, suffering, fraud, monetary loss (for not being able to work on the RSA while in court), wasted time, and for general dickishness...

If you ever get sued by the RIAA, don't forget to ask for this treatment. Especially when they deliver a subpoena for your kid to be at the deposition at 9am the next morning (which just happens to be a school day).

It appears they are trying to start the Cold War again.

Alternatives to GPS?

You ever wonder what the Sun and a Pipe Organ have in common? What about Jupiter and Pulsars?

Text messages fight voter fraud? How about asking hackers to test it?

"Using basic radio equipment and an FPGA board totaling less than $2,000 it was possible for researchers to read text from a laptop three offices away."

More SSN leaks. I love the excuse... It was "the common practice".

Caracas uses airships to patrol Venezuela.

Human blood contains the cure for HIV/AIDS?

Woot! Take that Jack Thompson!

Canada once again tries to be more dickish than the USA.

Dept of Justice, Whistleblowers and IT companies in kickback scheme.

The World Organization for Human Rights sues Yahoo for assisting in torture.

Valve hacked and customer credit card information stolen.

Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine both being canceled. Ah, 80s memories.

Second Life open sources the server code.

So you think the various M$ Word security holes are no big deal? That's how people hacked the US State Dept.

Montana stands firm against Homeland Security! Kudos!

How about planetary study using nanotech dust?

Finally our (well, actually UK) spaceships get actual shields :)

Proof that Judges are not doing their job.

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  1. Who would have thunk a comic book knew about kryptonite before scientists.