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30 April 2007


I am sending the letter below to my representative. I highly recommend you contact yours as well. You can copy the text from below, or, ideally become informed on the text of the bill (click the title of this post) and come up with your own views on why it should not pass.

Dear (insert representative),

I am contacting you to inform you that I oppose H.R.964, also known as the "Spy Act".

While the Bill is being presented in an effort to protect the public, the wording of the Bill specifically prohibits such protection.

SEC.5.b.1: This section exempts from compliance the very companies the public has been asking for protection from.
SEC.5.d: This section allows companies to knowingly provide non-compliant 3rd party software.
SEC.6.a: This section preempts any state law that is more proactively protective than HR964. At no point should introducing HR964 reduce the protection the public is given.

Thank you,
(insert name and contact info)