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18 April 2007

Beaverton vs. Jessica Hull

So for years we have believed that the Cops act like they themselves are above the law. Last year, we saw that it's difficult to fight the system in Beaverton (because we can't prove what the judge said since it isn't a Court of Record)...

And now, they face scrutiny. A Beaverton police officer, Jessica Hull, got caught speeding (10mph over) past one of the Beaverton photo-radars. She was on duty and in a patrol car. Evidentally, that is supposed to justify her breaking the laws that she herself enforces.

And of course, we are expected to trust the judge or mayor or... anyone? They all work for the same "company". I did mention that it is not a court of record, right?

So what's going to be the outcome? Hard to say.

If she doesn't get out of the ticket, the judge's job may be in jeopardy... and of course, I am sure that it would not make the local cops all that anxious to be lenient to the public...

If she does get out of the ticket, I expect that a large number of people are no longer going to recognize the Beaverton Police as an authority in such matters. With the rebellious tension surrounding PDX right now -- with people just waiting for a reason to rise up and revolt -- making a public display of the cops not having to follow the laws they are enforcing may very well be the last straw that gets the public to remove their authority.

We shall see.