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04 April 2007

News from the Net

Haha... As people are getting all gung-ho about quadcore... Mac releases an octcore.

Oooh... robotic amoebas...

Although I don't use Google Desktop or Mac, some of you may interested to know that they now have Google Desktop FOR the Mac.

Haha. Verizon's "unlimited" plan is 5GB.

Looks like chimpanzees now have human rights.

Hope you aren't expecting to get an H-1B Visa... The USA is only spending one day this year to provide them.

Windows Vista completely and utterly hacked.

Ha! Diebold looses their case in Mass.

Matrix anyone?

It appears that you too can hack a 108-bit WEP key in under 1 minute.

As I said all along, don't trust someone with a vested interest in oil... The change in time had no measurable impact on energy savings (duh)

Oooh... automated image labeling and search.

Microsoft sued for letting hardware manufacturers label things (inaccurately) as Windows Vista Capable.

I had debated not reporting on this since US Airlines has shown themselves to be racist, but... they are going to be offering in-air wifi.

The company that made Guitar Hero was bought, then the developers were legally prohibited from working on other rhythm games.

A French train (wheeled) almost beat the maglev speed record.

Huge caves found on Mars.

Ooh... New 'input devices' for the brain :)

Vonage signed an agreement to let VoIP, Inc. carry all their calls.