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21 March 2006

Seattle and the crackwhore who developed her

Ok, so we had to get up at 2:30am this morning so that we could be at the Seattle passport office for our 8:30 appointment (because Los Angeles was the next closest).  Then we had to wait until 2pm to pick up her passport and come home.

While we were there, we left the car and walked (just to Pike Place and the Aquarium)... but coming into and leaving town we noticed that someone was definitely on drugs when the setup the streets.

I mean, newbies to Portland usually think the streets here are kinda fucked up. Usually that is because of the bus routes.

But there, whoever heard of half the roads changing directions throughout the day, lanes becoming right-turn-only or do-not-enter, but only during certain times of days.  We didn't stick around to see how many people were breaking the law because they started through an intersection at 2:59pm only to have the laws turn topsy-turvey on them at 3:00pm.

Whoever designed the road layout of Seattle is a complete crack whore.



Fuck Seattle! I'm going to go get drunk now.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Tue Mar 21 10:17:00 PST 2006
Merciful Release

MWA HA HA HA!!! They did it to fuck with us all!!!! I can relate, I know that city like the back of my hand and I STILL end up the wrong way on a oneway at random in downtown.


Posted by Merciful Release on Wed Mar 22 13:04:00 PST 2006

In addition, why did it only take like 1 minute to find an I5-North sign but about 23 minutes to find an I5-South sign? That's friggin stupid.

Oh, then, we say the I5-South sign with an arrow pointing left. 15 feet later, the I5-South exit was on the right.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Mar 22 22:51:00 PST 2006
Don't even go to the greyhound bus station there.....I still have nightmares.  THE HORROR, THE HORROR...............

Posted by Sarah on Thu Mar 23 00:03:00 PST 2006