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20 March 2006


Two years ago when we got married, they told us to put her maiden name on her passport because it would take a few days to get in the system. They said we could just come back in and get the back stamped once everything went through.

So now, we find out that the US Govt has "beefed up security" by requiring that we take an entire day off work and drive to Seattle if we want it anytime in the next couple weeks. Oh, and it will cost an extra $150. Why? Because they have to issue a brand new passport now.... Great new ruling (sarcasm intended).


That sucks, and not in a good way.


Posted by SparrowHawk on Mon Mar 20 03:50:00 PST 2006
when I got married, they just put a amendment with my new name on the "amendment" page- when I got divorced, they added a new amendment nullifying the first ammendment- this is all post 9-11. I don't question it if you have time constraints though- I had to mail my passport to the east coast, I don't think they don't "do" amendments at the regional offices.

Posted by Kittybat on Mon Mar 20 05:41:00 PST 2006
Frequently Asked Questions on the No Amendment Policy

1.Why did the Department of State decide to stop amending existing passports?
Replacing a passport instead of amending it will enhance the overall security of the document.  Additionally, with the upcoming Electronic Passport (EP), the printed data must match the data contained on the chip embedded in the Electronic Passport.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Mar 20 06:41:00 PST 2006
also- I was able to pay a rush fee, and get it back within 2 weeks- ya'll arn't planning on leaving us that soon are you?

Posted by Kittybat on Mon Mar 20 05:48:00 PST 2006
next Tuesday

Posted by Malachi on Mon Mar 20 06:41:00 PST 2006
Did you tell them that they told you to do it this way? Those lousy government fuckers. Whoever you talk to that tries to make you pay more money, tell them you want to talk to their supervisor. Keep doing that until you get to someone that says you don't have to pay or sue the dirty bastards. If all else fails, pay the 150 bucks and wipe the KY off your ass, i guess.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Mar 20 11:19:00 PST 2006

Yeah, the Bush regime changed it last Fall I guess. Supposedly, it is to increase security by ensuring that the NEW embedded chip contains the right information. Realistically, they're assholes that want to make a buck.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Mar 20 12:42:00 PST 2006