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10 March 2006

News from the Net

I've asked Google for it, and it now appears that they are integrating a Calendar into GMail. They've also bought Writely.

It looks like Clinton and Lieberman are trying to proove that violent video games hurt children.

Water and organic molecules on the moon?

If you've bought porn, it's possible someone now has your info.

Developer of Ultima to receive Lifetime Achievement Award.

Oh lovely, I'm glad the goverment will spend 90 million dollars researching what we already know:
we need better parents, not better video games.
And I'm so glad I've never bought porn online. nope. never. they don't have my info. nope.
Oh, and GO RICHARD! w00t, Ultima receives recognition finally.

Posted by Silver on Fri Mar 10 00:06:00 PST 2006
Oh! You mean if you buy internet porn! Good thing we never pay for that, you had me worried for a sec.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Fri Mar 10 00:15:00 PST 2006