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16 March 2006

News from the Net

The Department of Homeland Security earned an F from a congressional commitee, yet again.

A 80-light year long double helix has been found - anyone still want to say the world isn't fractal?

The Pentagon wants to make Insectacons

People have been trying to convince me that .NET was worth more than Java because it allowed you to easily write unsafe code (ie: virii, whatever)... So why does the next version of Windows not use .NET at all?

Here's your chance. You can rent the runway at Kennedy Space Center

If you have ever torn up a Credit Application to ensure your safety, check this out

Robots with machine guns. Need I say more?

Bet you didn't see this coming... RFID virii

Amazon will now charge 15 cents/GB per month of online storage

Wrist Computer?

Scientists heal blindness

Like sensors? How about a Cocaine Biosensor?