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22 March 2006

News from the Net

It looks like Microsoft has finally decided to split IE from Windows Explorer. Took them long enough

This is interesting... a professor has decided that her students were not allowed to use laptops to take notes anymore, that they have to use pen & paper instead -- so that they will make more eye contact.... Now, I don't know about you, but I think I look at the paper more often than the keyboard... Maybe this professor just never learned to type.

Some of you may know that Obscenity is legally a community-concept. IE: What is illegally obscene there can be legally protected here... The Supreme Court has evidentally decided not to clarify. I would like to take the question a step further... If a community (say, Beaverton) can make its own standards; why can't online communities (say BMEZine) have their own standards as well? Let's take that a step further. 15 miles north of here, the age of consent is 16 instead of 18. Why should a 16-year old there not be allowed to view content online if they are the age of legal consent there? Instead of requiring that a user is "18+", should it be requiring that they have reached the legal age of consent? What if a community (online or not) does not believe in the concept of Age of Consent/Drinking/Military/Gambling/etc?

WTF? Music copyrights more important than life? I repeat - WTF? Even CATO is against it

American Idol for Security Geeks?

Game design - Iron Chef style :)

Toys: 32GB Flash Drive

Looks like the IRS wants to allow places like H&R Block to sell your return to marketers. If this happens, this is a very good way to ensure that they loose a LOT of business, as I for one would make sure to spread the word of what they would be doing. Maybe if we sue them every time someone contacts us with some scam....

Just found Google Finance

When our server was hacked on XMas Eve, I reported it to the local Internet Crimes Divison of the FBI. At the time, it seemed odd that they didn't even ask me what my IP address was, and I got the distinct impression they didn't know what they were doing. Maybe this is why.

Toys?: How about something that works better than a TinFoil hat?

A government scientists blows the whistle.

I wonder if these completely transparent ICs, when combined with OLED, could make a lot of our SciFi hardware

Tax credits for open-source R&D? That sounds really really nice. Now, if I only had time to read up on it for EOTI

For those of you who know EOTI's goals... read this

Toys: For those of you have ever played The Game of Real Life with me, you will see why I would like to own this

Looks like I will get my own copy of the game after all :)

Posted by Malachi on Wed Mar 22 05:31:00 PST 2006

Well Mal it looks like maybe your wish came true, hopefully you can get one of your programs self published. Good luck and best wishes.

Posted by Jason on Wed Mar 22 05:45:00 PST 2006