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05 March 2006

News from the Net

The title sequence of the Simpsons has been filmed using live actors!

Woot! An article about RFID being the Mark of the Beast! Evidentally, they don't realize how outdated RFID already is.

Gasoline from cow dung -- eeewwww!

I am sure that some of you have some theories what the red spot on Jupiter is (or is caused by) -- but... it is growing a new one -- maybe Jupiter has pimples :)

Robotic pack mules thanks to DARPA

Yet more theories on the origins of life

 OMG The Simpson's title sequence rulz!

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sun Mar 05 01:44:00 PST 2006
They found a pretty good look alike for the music teacher too!

Posted by Malachi on Sun Mar 05 01:47:00 PST 2006
Cow dung is a pretty renewable resource.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Sun Mar 05 01:54:00 PST 2006