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17 March 2006

Gmail for EOTI.ORG?

As some of you know, our business server was wiped out by a Polish hacker on XMas eve. A month or two ago, I mentioned on here that we were going to ask to join GMail's Beta program (since our email server was dead anyways) but that we doubted they would choose us.

They did!  The free account only let's us have 10 users, and not to host the other 7 domains, but... it is a start.

The interface is exactly like GMail except they let us customize the logo and color/text of the login square.

The administrator (and any users you give administration access to) can also log into a Dashboard interface. From there you can control users, nicknames, mailing lists.  Personally, if a user has admin access, I would like that functionality to be accessible without logging into another page.

We'll see, but so far I am very impressed.


I love you Google

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Fri Mar 17 01:21:00 PST 2006