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07 March 2006

Net News

Well, it appears paying off some of your JC Penny's bill is enough to call in Homeland Security

Open-Source is trying to compete directly with Cisco now. I hope it works. I am tired of expensive hardware that is actually just little Linux PCs

New Jersey is trying to prohibit anonymous posting to public forums. It appears they really have never heard of privacy.

Alien life in India? Researchers seem to think so

Well, AT&T bought up more of the Baby Bells, now having over 1/2 of the original Bell System.

Marilyn Manson directing and staring in Alice in Wonderland - thanks for the link Dino!

Yes, the child bought the parent, (SBC bought ATT) then the parent smacked the child back into place (ATT took over), now is buying another child (SWbell) who oddly enough is in partnership with Cingular and is contracted using the ATT network for Cellular customers.
The parent is buying it's child and itself. it's a corporate jerry springer episode...
and the CEO has already said he doesn't want Qwest, "it's not worth the investment"
HAHAHAHA. Even AT&T agrees Qwest blows goats.

Posted by Silver on Tue Mar 07 06:06:00 PST 2006
Instead of "it isn't worth the investment" he should have said "it isn't worth the monopoly lawsuit" ;)

Posted by Malachi on Tue Mar 07 11:15:00 PST 2006