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03 February 2006

Today's News from the Net

It appears that a Tennis Pro has decided to give up his career in tennis to become a professional gamer... wonder what that says to all those people telling us computer geeks to get outside and offline.

This is interesting... shortly after I try Xen for the first time, VMWare goes free... as I have always had better luck with VMWare than Bochs, I might have to look into this once we get our computer up and running soon...

An example of the RIAA overstepping their bounds, they are now suing a woman who has never used a computer before for using an "online distribution system".

Although I personally prefer IDEA IntelliJ, NetBeans 5.0 is out.

An interesting piece about the Human Mind acting as Bayes Logic Machine, which completely makes sense since Bayesian logic is used very often for detecting spam.