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01 February 2006

Sears Optical

So, a couple weeks ago I slammed my head on the corner of the entertainment center... Specifically, it is really good I wasn't wearing my contacts because my glasses hit the glass+metal corner and got a fairly deep scratch.

I called the optometrist and they told me they were under warranty and it would cost me $35 to get the lense replaced.

Yesterday, they called to let me know they were in. We went over, and they had clear lenses for the sunglasses frame. Now, I was very specific that it was not my sunglasses; and even if it was, they weren't tinted lenses they ordered.  Come to find out that evidentally my warranty actually expired 2 weeks before I called them and they can't even order a replacement lense unless I give them $150.

Now, normally I would be understandable of mistakes... but, they have screwed up every order they have ever done with us (my sunglasses they screwed up 3 times before we said screw it and accepted what they gave me).  Then, to tell me something was under warranty AND TAKE MY MONEY then refuse to get me the lenses... I'm done with them. I don't need their shit anymore.


Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Feb 01 13:10:00 PST 2006