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18 February 2006

Retirement? Pshaw!

So, Dino and I were talking today...  We have been planning that someday, after I retire, we would move to the caribbean.  Today, it dawned on us... what is the reason for "someday" instead of "today"?

Most people immediately think money... we did... but that doesn't make sense. It cost more to live here.  Every year I am unemployed and playing catch up.  I haven't had a 401k in a few years, so it isn't like my retirement package is growing all that much... 

Friends and family... sure, that will always be a concern. It is much harder for people to visit each other and call each other...  But honestly, other than Elaine,  we talk to our friends online more than in person. Hell, it would probably be cheaper for Lori to see us than her own parents if we lived in the caribbean.

The real reason most people don't just get up and move? It's scary as hell. Where will you live? How will you make a living? What happens if this or that? Hell, with the caribbean, what about the hurricanes and such?

So, we have decided to do something about it.  Instead of planning on someday in 30 years moving somewhere where we can have a less stressful life.... we are going to spend the next 6 months to a year trying to decide which island we would like to move to and how to go about it... I mean, realistically, if we sell our house when we move, it should give us enough funds to live for awhile while we get off our feet...

So the next step?  Choosing an island... Which country do we want to live in? Economics, politics, scenary, et al... A lot of research to do...

Good luck with that. I'll come visit you.
Personally,I could never leave the snow permanently.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Sun Feb 19 02:41:00 PST 2006
The saying goes, "don't eat the yellow snow" no one ever said, "don't eat the yellow sand." ;-)

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sun Feb 19 04:44:00 PST 2006
Yeah, I think I would rather live with 80*F ocean and take vacations to the snow than the other way around... but, I don't play in snow ;)

Posted by Malachi on Sun Feb 19 04:42:00 PST 2006