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03 February 2006


Well, since I am going to be on the job market again, I went ahead and clicked the Monster Salary Wizard advertisement on the top of MySpace to get an idea of what the normal wages for what I do in this area is... Realistically, those of us in the industry never discuss our wages with each other, so....

Anyways, I put in "Java Developer, Sr." (though I could have done Embedded or Forensics or...).

Total compensation (base) February 2006   

 Java Developer, Sr. 25th%ile Median 75th%ile
Portland, OR $88,311 $98,338 $104,756

Total compensation (base + bonuses) February 2006   

  Java Developer, Sr. 25th%ile Median 75th%ile
Portland, OR $93,898 $102,185 $105,902

For BENEFITS, it said:

Total compensation (base + bonuses + benefits) February 2006   
Benefit Median Amount % of Total
Base salary $98,338 73%
Bonuses $3,847 3%
Social Security $7,062 5%
401k/403b $3,699 3%
Disability $2,493 2%
Healthcare $5,390 4%
Pension $3,311 2%
Time off $11,162 8%
Total $135,301 100%

I am re-thinking my idea to not be a programmer.

Posted by Silver on Fri Feb 03 00:25:00 PST 2006

Well, I am currently making just a hair below the 75%tile... EOTI is making a bit more...  but there are a few real problems with the industry:

1) no job security

2) job usually sucks

3) generally not allowed to be very creative (not always the case)

4) generally working on things you feel are already out of date

5) doing it for others keeps you from doing your own thing


Now, on the other hand, if EOTI had the funds to do our own R&D instead of contracting us out.... now THAT would be fun :)

Posted by Malachi on Fri Feb 03 02:24:00 PST 2006