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02 February 2006

Today's news from the net...

What do Geckos, Nanotubes and a new form of RAM coming out this year have in common? Read here and see.

iRobot has a new military robot.

This story reminds me of Valiant.

They have found a way to use sounds waves to kill cancer cells.

Oh, while typing this I heard on Good Day Oregon that the state of Virginia is stopping all coal mining until some safety checks can be done. Very interesting timing considering Bush's speech.

Found this link today.  Since it mentions Downs Syndrome, for which I had recently commented on Lori's blog, I figured I might as well include it.



If  iRobot is making military bots, does that mean they will be making a flame thrower attachment for our iMow lawnmower?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Thu Feb 02 01:01:00 PST 2006
iRobot didn't make the iMow. The iMow was made by Friendly Robotics for Toro. Which reminds me... I bet we recently ran out of warranty :(

Posted by Malachi on Thu Feb 02 01:18:00 PST 2006
Glad to see that pigeons are finally good for something. Rats with wings, I tell ya.


Posted by WILL POWER! on Thu Feb 02 01:40:00 PST 2006