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03 February 2006

Goths & Jocks?

So last night, Dino and I were watching Beauty and the Geek 2, and we both came up with very similar ideas....

Ok, so here's the pitch. "Goths & Jocks"... but unlike B&G, we think half of each clique should be guys and half girls... So, say, 2 male goth, 2 female goth, 2 male jocks, 2 female jocks.... and they can only "date" the opposite clique (like in B&G)...

And maybe one night, the Goths would give the Jocks makeovers to go to some Nephalim concert or club or something... maybe the Jocks would give the Goths a makeover and take them to some sporting event or something.. dunno...


Pretty fucked up, eh?

I would wathc that show, but it's gotta be more like 10 and 10 with two houses, one for the boys and one for the girls, so they have to live together and room together. Better make it 12 and 12 so we can have one goth and one jock in each room together.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Feb 03 03:11:00 PST 2006

Oh! Or we could rent out a Hotel -- so then they would all be there, and there would be a general lobby where they could do big group things, and conference rooms for doing challenges... hmmm.. and pools/hot tubs/saunas...

hmmmm.. I do like the approach Beauty & The Geek took though, where the boys and girls had to room together -- except, we really don't want to make the assumption they are straight... hmmm...


Posted by Malachi on Fri Feb 03 03:19:00 PST 2006
Well we'd have jock guys so they'd probably be gay. But just because you arn't sexually attracted to someone doesn't mean you can't room with them, but I think you are right it would make better TV if they did.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Fri Feb 03 03:43:00 PST 2006

Ok, what about this....

On the first day, you have them do some challenge where they all get scored/rated. Then (they didn't know this ahead of time) you team them up with their opposites... so the best player with the worst player, second best with second worst, etc -- so teams start out fairly even...?

Posted by Malachi on Fri Feb 03 03:48:00 PST 2006
This however dos not insure for any hot lesbian action. I think the first priority is to match the hot lesbian up together.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sat Feb 04 12:11:00 PST 2006