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27 February 2006

News from the Net

The Justice Department has decided that Google has no grounds for thinking that the Bush administrations' request for your search history violates your privacy. But then again, take a look at an email sent to the "consultant" responsible for this decision from back in 1997:

Dear Professor Stark, I am writing regarding the contract that you signed with the University of California. I believe that, in said contract, you specifically agreed not to use any students in any experiment without their prior consent. To the best of my knowledge, the students currently enrolled in Statistics 2 were never asked to sign a waiver giving their consent to be a part of your evil Javascript experiment.

Looks like our military is finally clueing into MagLev technology which has been out for... what? 20-30 years?

I know we all like to think it is fictional, but some embalmers loot bones and tissue to sell.

Looks like Google is getting busted for copyright infringement for indexing pictures

Want to know what software the NSA is trying to buy from Silicon Valley? Well, take a look

H&R Block apparently fucked up their own taxes

Google refuses to hand over search historys and is now getting busted for copy right issues.  Coincidence......?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon Feb 27 01:00:00 PST 2006

Well, actually, the adult magazine Perfect10 is suing Google for copyright infringement because Google is indexing sites that include pictures from their magazines... IE: if I put a pic on my site that I stole (or scanned) from Perfect 10 and Google indexed my page.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Feb 27 01:37:00 PST 2006
You always manage to post the most intersesting articles and info.



Posted by SparrowHawk on Mon Feb 27 04:05:00 PST 2006
Much of it is from or the Daily Show, but I try to keep my eyes open :)

Posted by Malachi on Mon Feb 27 04:41:00 PST 2006