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14 February 2006

News from the Net

I haven't done this in a few days (for obvious reasons) but thought it might be a temporary distraction....

Latest MacOSX once again hacked to work on standard PC

They have finally made processors using magnetism instead of electrical transistors

Yahoo! has released some open-source Ajax tools

There's some more work on improving Einstein's work and even near-lightspeed travel

Here's a fun one... a robot controlled by slime -- oooh! and a real transformer!

Looks like I will never sign up for Skype, since they plan on limiting usage on AMD-based machines

I guess they have found something unusual on Mars.. I will have to read that when I get a chance...

More on room-temperature fusion

A new touchscreen input device

Do you have mind-control parasites in you?

The magentic processors... yummm... I want some :)

Posted by Malachi on Tue Feb 14 05:39:00 PST 2006