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13 January 2007


Well, they have announced that the full version will be available in stores on Jan 30th. MSRP $49.99 for normal edition and $89.99 for limited edition.

Of course, for those not yet running the pre-order, you can avoid going to the stores and get the pre-order as a direct download.

I have been testing the game a lot lately. It still has quite a few bugs, but has a lot of potential. Of course, they are also patching 1-3 times/day at the moment, so a lot might get fixed before the official launch date.

Dino is having the same problem running it that she had with City of Villains... not sure what it is... could be video card, or just the fact that the hardware is a couple years old. Think we are going to upgrade her box.

It appears that the current requirements for a guild are that we have 6 members... I have the in-game book to do it; but it requires that we all be grouped when I read the book. If you are interested in joining Eilas' Resource Investment Society (name subject to change over next 2 weeks) let me know and I will grant you access to that blog.

Our guild has a long-term goal of creating our own guild-created and guild-controlled city. Yes, player-built cities are possible :)

As a side note, we will be purchasing the $90 one, as it has some stuff to assist with running guilds. One of the things that it comes with is 10 trial keys. I don't know how long the trial keys are good for -- but if you would rather wait for the trial key in two weeks (instead of paying $10 for the preorder, which comes off the games price) then let us know and we will pass them out in 2 weeks when we get them.