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21 January 2007

Reading the Feed

So some of you have been wondering how to get notified when Malachi posts a new blog entry... Well, this method won't email you or anything -- but is very simple if you are reading this in Firefox....

Look up in the address bar (where it says Look to the very right of that bar, just before the little pull down arrow... Do you see an image sorta like this one: ??? Click it...

This will add a new bookmark pointing to my page... but it does better than that - take a look at the new bookmark -- it is actually a folder with the most recent messages automatically created as links in it (and it does auto-update).

Let me know if this suits your needs.

UPDATE: If you go to the main page, you will get just one choice (to add a live bookmark for the blog itself)... If you are on a subpage when you click it, you will get 3 options (one Atom and 2 RSS). The first RSS one is the default all blog entries one. The last one is the one if you would just like to get updates on the comments added to a specific blog entry.