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13 January 2007

New Dining Table/Chairs

Well, after the massive effort of trying to host a little dinner party on that table of ours, we have decided that it is time to do something a little different.

As much as we would rather buy some of the very unique stuff from International Imports (where we got our bed, couch and coffee table) - they no longer exist, and we have been struggling to find a new source of furniture.

Then we saw this table... Nothing special you say? Ah, but look closer... It actually has circular leaves... IE: It is a 54" table, but if you attach the four leaves to the OUTSIDE of the table, then it becomes a 70" table. The 54" size is good for us, and for small (up to 4) person poker/settlers games... But the 70" table... that could actually work nicely for larger groups (6 being ideal, I would think)...

We also bought 6 of those chairs pictured above to go with it. The stain is not quite the same, and the fabric was not interchangeable with another color -- but the circular wood backs look much better than the chairs the table was supposed to come with.