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03 January 2007

News from the Net

Researchers create BitTyrant, a selfish BitTorrent client.

The 19th annual International Obfuscated C Code content is now open for submissions.

Cameras (including those for Homeland Security) help Cops catch a killer.

Researchers find way around a patent to provide a drug to the needy.

The equivalent of NASA in France is going to publish its archive of UFO sightings.

While I don't personally use MySQL (or any SQL for that matter), the Falcon Storage Engine for MySQL has been released open source.

Some places, like Unemployment Offices, believe the employer over the employee. Interesting since the studies show that 2/5 bosses lie and don't keep their word.

Interestingly, in light of the previous story about George Lucas leaving the field, he and Harrison Ford have finalized plans and are to begin filming a 4th Indiana Jones this year. (Title put in bold so Dino sees it - heh)

Well, now we know why the FDA approved genetically engineered food... The USDA is trying to make genetically engineered cattle.

The RIAA tries to sue AllofMP3 for $150000 per song downloaded. Now how the hell can they justify that?Let's think about this for a second. Let's say a CD has 15 songs. Let's say Person A downloads the entire CD from said website. The RIAA is claiming that the one CD that the person downloaded instead of bought cost them $2.25 million? Anyone else think that is a bit of a stretch? Sorta like selling a hammer to the US government for a few million?

Scientists claim polygraph tests are unscientific.

D v1.0 soon to be released.

Here's the world's most powerful diesel engine.

Minitel closes its door. I remember using it once from SOU's foreign language office.

Hopefully Google has this fixed by now, but the article was saying it was easy to hijack your GMail contact list.

I was going to check out these HTML-encoded Captchas, but evidentally the guy thought the Slashdot effect was a malicious DDOS, so the demo is down.

A new island rose from the ocean floor.

Here's more fun for Dino - the science behind champagne.

Looks like HD DVD's copy protection is no longer secure.

Technology used to track the recent packaged spinach and Taco Bell E.coli outbreaks.

Remember the flourescent fish? How about flourescent pigs?

Ok, ok... I want to combine this and OLED and those new transparent transistors and.. and...

A new Virtual Reality net??? Oh please don't be vaporware.