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16 January 2007

News from the Net

Sorry I haven't done this in awhile... being laid up sux.

Proving that HD DVD copyright mechanisms are not really protecting movies, the HD DVD version of Serenity has already made it onto the p2p servers at a mere 19.6 GB. Here is some of the how of it.

The Vice President once again proves that he has no clue what the word "privacy" means

Apple attacks bloggers for reporting on smartphone skins that look like the iPhone. ABC/Disney do similar

As the "mythical" global warming melts the ice in the Arctic, new islands are discovered

XBox360 gets Ghostbusters game and the PC gets a new Starcraft game

Netflix offers online movies in addition to the DVDs

Linux to get open source versions of proprietary drivers (WMV, MP4, etc)

PCIe 2.0 released

People who are brought up bilingual get 4 more years before the onset of dementia

When I look over the Magic of Tubes it makes me think of a nice GUI interface to a Subversion type of repository... too bad it is WinBlows only.

How spyware/adware can ruin someone's life

Neal Stephenson's "Diamond Age" soon on SciFi

Toshiba announces 51GB HD DVD

The Republican party is now trying to force YOU to copy-protect any podcasts you do.... Cuz we all know there is no possible chance that we would want to have ANY say in whether what WE produce is free or not. Friggin idiots. In related news, they are trying to make it illegal to make NON-commercial audio recordings.

Sun releases BSD-licensed replacement for Fortran

Woman dies from WATER poisoning

VirtualBox (virtualization software) goes open source

A Wisconsin State Trooper wrote some software on his own time, and now the state is trying to steal it

Exoskeleton suit of armor goes on a diet

The US Government requires you to run IE on Windows if you want grants. Not surprising since the NSA is involved with Vista

Finally, they start looking at using the Lego concept to build chips

Solidifying light?

This seems to be a mix of the Monolithic Dome and the robotic home builders I have mentioned before.... Sounds good...

What do you get when the UK sees the TIA of the USA? this

Engineered hens lay eggs that fight cancer

Some people just have too much time on their hands ;) How about printing messages on Guiness foam?

Would you like a Free Solaris 10 DVD?

Canada looks to remove Fair-Use

Netscape breaks RSS 0.9

Although I have never tried Ruby, this might be interesting

Ball lightning created in the lab

North Korea gets a new diet of giant rabbits

Ford does a Electric/Hydrogen hybrid

Ever wonder about the Nature of Procrastination

It seems Intel knows how to handle a little guy that sues them for patent infringement... Sue them back... Too bad tech companies can't just put the good of the consumer in the forefront.

Star Trek XI confirmed... The Hobbit won't be made by Peter Jackson because... well... read the synopsis...

AMD starts yet another motherboard layout, the DTX board

Ever wonder how contracts for big budget games look?

The Gates Foundation goes back on their word - what else did you expect from them

What do you do when you don't want to deal with international copyright law? Well, PirateBay plans on starting their own nation

Looks like the Republican senator for New Hampshire might not be evil

Starting July 1st, Comcast-distributed cable boxes can not legally be forced to stay tied to Comcast

The MPAA caught entrapping people

Looks like HD DVD may have won the war over Blu-Ray

RFID-activated Billboards

Microsoft wants to charge people to get support for Bush's new time changes

Nuclear waste changes the containers storing them so that they degrade faster

Solar-powered car attempts to break record

UK charts now include downloaded songs and an unsigned artist hits the Top 40.

Yet another reason that PayPal is evil

You can now legally get paid to hack Windows Vista and IE7

Well, if you live in Massachusettes, I hope you are not living in a retirement area.

Canadian coins bugged?

Want to run Linux on that PS3?

Quad HDTV shown

Google to be the next Seti?

Looks like you might get your 3D Printer sooner than expected.

iRobot (Roomba) releases info on a new programmable robot

Nanoparticles fight Cancer

World's first Virtual Banking Licenses

NASA goes Metric

You too could own Dracula's castle for $77 million.

Gigabyte introduces solid capacitor motherboards

Want to help PBS decide which new science show to air

Nanoscale optical coax? nice

SecondLife has made their client open source

More ways to do wireless power displayed.

Open Source Energy?

Acer bugging computers?

Dark Matter maps in 3D?

Wikipedia used for AI

A man responsible for many of us living through our early years has died - oh, he created Ramen.

Brazil blocks YouTube