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03 January 2007

Back from the Hospital

Well, got to the hospital about 6:30am yesterday. I had the laser lithiotripsy done yesterday. The doctor said that it appears to have worked this time. I really liked my anathesiologist this time (Dr. Graham). I remember him putting "I don't care medicine" into my IV... I remember being told to breathe when I had a mask on. I remember waking up in my room. Nothing else.

I think the hospital let me leave too early though. I was not supposed to leave until I was able to urinate and not nauseated... Unfortunately, not only had I not managed to urinate for about 4 hours after leaving the hospital; and I was nauseated enough that I threw up a few times; but I was barely able to comprehend that they were releasing me. Not sure why they decided to when they did.

So, at this point, got some pain in my side, back and stomach. Sometimes pain when I urinate. Movement in general is very bad. While I appreciate everyone wanting to see me, give me hugs, comfort me, etc -- for now I would rather not get up, get dressed and answer the door... Hurts to move.

Should be going in to get my stint removed in 2-3 weeks. Probably still in pain for at least another week after it is removed. I will try to be social again when I can, but please bear with me.