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01 May 2006

Protest Problems

As some of you know, people are protesting the illegal immigrant issue by not working or shopping today.  As many of my friends are the type to generally be involved in protests, I thought I would take a minute to point out two flaws with this plan that I have already noticed.

1. If you are going to protest something specific, don't do it on a day that everyone expects Portland to be protesting something else.  We hear "protest" on the news, and think "of course" without really paying attention.  I didn't even know they were planning this specific protest until someone told me this weekend.

2. If you want to show how much you are needed, don't make rush hour easier for everyone. There was no traffic congestion on the way to work today. While you might think that people will see this as obvious signs of how many people there are -- what they really see is how nice the commute was.  Instead, fill up the commuter lanes, fill up the parking spaces, then don't go into the buildings.

Lemme get this straight...
The illegal immigrants were not supposed to go to work today? or they were but the legal citizens were not? I'm confused.

Posted by Silver on Mon May 01 01:08:00 PDT 2006
From what I understand, basically a lot of immigrants are not going to work or buying things today to show people how reliant on them we are.

As a side note, the news mentioned that a lot of companies are giving them the day off to do this, which I think harms the cause since it means the employers are responding by saying "we can do without you for the day".

Posted by Malachi on Mon May 01 01:37:00 PDT 2006

If all the immigrant workers arent working then I'm sure many businesses would find themselves short handed. But if they arent buying anything either, doesn't it just equal out?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon May 01 01:14:00 PDT 2006
Well, no. Let's take a couple examples.
1. They work at Stream. You call in for tech support. You have a 3 hour hold time instead of 5 minutes.
2. They don't buy from the mall today. All those business lose a lot of money that they were counting on (still cost to be open).

Posted by Malachi on Mon May 01 01:39:00 PDT 2006
See, a mall closed

Posted by Malachi on Mon May 01 06:40:00 PDT 2006

There was a tiny bit of coverage locally.

Posted by Malachi on Mon May 01 06:34:00 PDT 2006