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15 May 2006

More News from the Net

Well, since I did the News from the Net so recently, this will be a Mini News from the Net

I am sure you have all seen how much traffic sucks lately... well, now you can have those traffic jams inside your body! woot... not!

Some game terrain enhancements...

What percentage of people have to vote for you to feel confident that the majority of the public agrees with whatever decisions are made? Well, that number (whatever you said) probably won't be reached.

Although some of you will probably expect me to report on whatever inane things Bush says tonight, but I won't be home yet, and did not set the DVR up to Tivo it... so, you'll have to carry that load for us

Oh, the morning weather elf said today that the weather is supposed to get up to 95... that is a record high for this area, being 86 in 1986 being the previous record.

If you use Bausch & Lombe contact solution, you should know about the side effects.

Ok, now listen closely... The oil industry was concerned that the rates were going to cut down how much we bought, so they lowered them slightly in hopes that our addiction would kick in.

Isn't today supposed to be the Myspace Gas Boycott day? Funny that gas prices would start to go down right before hand.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon May 15 01:40:00 PDT 2006
After record profits of NINE BILLION DOLLARS gas should only cost a buck twenty five. Seriously, fuck Bush, fuck Dick.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon May 15 02:10:00 PDT 2006
Fuck Bush, Fuck Dick? Do we have time?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon May 15 10:45:00 PDT 2006
Hey, I think my ex uses Bausch & Lombe contact solution.....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Posted by Sarah on Mon May 15 04:26:00 PDT 2006