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08 May 2006

News from the Net

See, when someone like Andrew Tanenbaum says it, people listen... when I say it, they think I am just dissing Windows and Linux.  Of course, that is part of the reason we almost moved to Amsterdam so that I could get my master's and PHD from Andrew.

EEKS! One of the companies I own stock in, SGI, has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Now here's a shocker... Texans powering muscles with Alcohol

If you live in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Burma (or probably the USA here soon enough), then we might have a solution to your internet censorship woes

$2.5 million is up for grabs if you want to build a lunar lander... You know, as a kid I always wanted to design space ships and stuff. I was even going to be a Aerospace Engineering Technician (from concept to take off) until I realized working for NASA meant (although it isn't supposed to) working for the government...  Maybe I should start trying to get my foot in the door on these X-Prizes...

They say that girls are now abandoning their dolls for the Sims, but I think Dino is proof that they all aren't -- she does both :)

Artificially grown diamonds? Screw fiber optics - I want to make a bunch of diamonds!

In a last ditch effort to keep some users, M$ says that M$ Office will support interoperability with OpenOffice and that they will not oppose its standardization or use!

RIAA settles with BearShare... $30 million and BearShare closes down

More video glasses

Baby robots that learn like human children?

BestBuy impersonators! That's great!

This is a great idea!  I would completely use the self-serve car rentals!

On the Mount St. Helen's front, the new dome is growing about 4-5 feet/day

I was wondering how long it would take for Google to fill up its servers. Or for someone to sue them for what they link to

Maybe for a second car, we should get an Electric. Specifically, the X1 which is faster than a Ferrari or a Porsche. Anyone got a spare $1.25 million?

I love dollies! And Sims! Its sick...I know...but I love Sims.  I love controlling thier little lives.....

Posted by Sarah on Tue May 09 08:41:00 PDT 2006
We know that you really just like making them move the bed covers and pee their pants - don't lie! heh

Posted by Malachi on Tue May 09 11:42:00 PDT 2006