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23 May 2006

Mini News from the Net

Hmmm. Google's going to start using video ads? Based on what I have seen with myspace (where the ones having videos are exponentially slower to load), this might be a very bad thing

This phone claims to use a "Virtually unbreakable 128-bit key"... virtually unbreakable my ass.

The Department of Energy filed a patent for hydrogen fuel balls... didn't see that coming

Yeah, I got to say I HATE these video ads.  I use my computer at work to go onto my space and they often freeze my computer up. 

Posted by Sarah on Tue May 23 01:50:00 PDT 2006
Wow! I bet that now that the government has patented a better and cheaper form of energy we'll be able to leave the middle east alone and fuel prices will drop! Hydrogen cars that run clean are just around the corner!


Posted by WILL POWER! on Tue May 23 01:59:00 PDT 2006
I'm kinda torn... The Dept of Energy has traditionally given tax breaks to people who buy more efficient things... unlike PGE who charges more for wind and solar power...

but, hard to believe that D.O.E. wouldn't be under the Bush Administration's thumb...

maybe they are just planning on suing anyone who tries to use the tech, thus discouraging its use...  just like how someone bought the patent to a hoverboard in the 70s so they could bury it.

Posted by Malachi on Tue May 23 03:14:00 PDT 2006
I never did get a hover board as a kid!

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Tue May 23 03:49:00 PDT 2006