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01 September 2005

Verizon FIOS update

Whelp, doesn't look like we'll be getting it anytime soon. I talk to Pat (Customer Relations Manager) and he talked with a few people. It seems that although the line is currently 1 block away, and we are in unincorporated Washington County, we will be serviced by Beaverton.

Beaverton has not agreed to let Verizon do the rollout yet because they are concerned about disruption and public complaints.

I could understand about public complains due to mass traffic problems during reconstruction. I could understand public complaints about how Verizon will only allow FIOS to be used with their own ISP (who's terms of service may be less than desirable). I could understand people complaining because the lines aren't community owned.

But no one has actually asked us our opinion. Don't you think that should be the first step?