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30 September 2005 - Some States Push To Collect Sales Tax From Internet Stores


I did sent an email to the author of the article... here it is:

A couple things I don't understand...

1. They provide 'software' to do the collection? So are we to assume that said software will easily integrate into any web application, or are we talking about some annoying program like Oregon's OTTER program that we would have to manually run in addition to any automated software? Or are we talking about software that would force us to use Windows and .NET?
2. Taxing the destination instead of the seller's state? How is that going to work? The seller is going to be taxed based on income made from the sale -- to tax the recipient would be double taxation. I really doubt the seller's state is going to so easily give up the taxes they are already collecting.
3. Neither Oregon or Federal law require it unless there is a presence in the other state -- how would they force an Oregon store to collect Tennessee taxes when Tennesse law doesn't apply to them?
4. Do we have any recourse if this is instituted?