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22 September 2005

A8N-SLI Premium + Windows x64 Pro

Ok, so the last blog entry was about this too, and one of the machines is going to be FreeBSD, but I thought I better start keeping notes somewhere other than gmail. I also though that, instead of just commenting on the last post, I would make the title something obviously identifiable when searching for my notes. I'll do the FreeBSD install in a seperate one.

Now, to start off with, firmware/drivers. I have the following:
  • Silicon Image 3114 Driver Disk v1.1.0.1 [Asus]
  • nVidia CK804 SATARAID chipset driver disk v6.66 for xp64 [Asus]
  • A8N-SLI Premium bios v1007.002 [Asus]
  • nVidia CK804 PATARAID chipset driver disk v6.66 xp64 [Asus]
  • A8N-SLI Premium bios v1008 [Asus]
  • Silicon Image 3114 Driver Disk v1.2.3.1 for Win64 [SI]

Originally, I used the bios 1007.002 and the 3114 v1.1.0.1 drivers. After getting windows running (about 10 attempts to format it until I cut the size of the C partition in about 1/2), the silicon image controller was 'unknown' in device manager. I noticed updated bios (v1008) and upgraded it.

Upon reboot, I noticed one of the RAID5 set was missing, and windows did the constant-reboot-panic.

Downgraded the BIOS, booted noticing the RAID5 drive was still missing. Windows loaded, and I upgraded the 3114 driver to and the chipset to CK804. Upon rebooting, noticed that still no drive#3 (out of 4). Also noticed that the raid utility was reporting that I had the same amount of hard drive space available, with one less drive. Sounds to me like a likely candidate for hosing my filesystem at some point.

Upgraded the BIOS again, again not bootable.

Decided to try reinstalling Windows from scratch (they are hosed anyways, right). At the F6 prompt, used the SATARAID and 3114 v1.2.3.1 drivers. Wouldn't get past 'Starting Windows'.

Downgraded the BIOS again.

Tried to reinstalling Windows again. Complained that the drive could not be formatted at about 98%. Tried again, locked up at about 40%.

Hmm, ok. Tried latest bios, latest chipset, asus 3114 driver. Said that line 35 (which shouldn't have even been in use) of TxtSetup.oem wasn't valid. Hmm, ok.

Now I am trying v1007.002 bios, latest chipset from asus (SATARAID version), and the Asus v1.1.0.1 3114 drivers. We'll see.

I was debating whether to upgrade the BIOS after getting Windows running -- but maybe it isn't worth it.