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15 September 2005

Pledge of Allegience, Again?

Once again I find myself arguing with my father about the pledge of allegience. He doesn't seem to grasp the concept that the Christians are not the ones being hurt -- but that everyone else is finally starting to get equal rights...

Let's look at history:
  • when black1 people were released from slavery, white people felt threatened
  • when women got the right to vote, men felt threatened
  • when alternate-beliefs gain equal rights (ie: both allowed or neither), the christians feel threatened
It is always, and probably always will be, this way. If we were to promote Robots as being 'life', then Humans will feel threatened. If children were given the right to vote, adults would feel threatened. If (UFO) aliens were given the right to attend school and get jobs, Earthlings would feel threatened.

Sure, not EVERYONE feels threatened, but the ones who do are the ones who were previously on the beneficial end of the stick.

1 Ok, someone is probably going to complain about the word "black". I have lots of black friends, most of which use the term "black people" themselves. I think the term African-American itself is derogatory, because it makes the assumption that, because of their skin color, they must have come from Africa. What if they came from Brazil? Jamiaca? Oh, but their ancestors, eventually, came from Africa -- right? Well, so did yours -- or everyone came from Pangea, right? Do you even know how the whole Politically Correct movement started? Do you realize that it was started as a form of Freudinistic Marxism as a way to get people to segregate themselves and thus make them fight each other and easier to control? Where did I get that info? I was watch a symposium on C-SPAN that was talking about how they started it. You want to fight the racism/sexism/religionism/ageism/etc? Then quit segregating yourself and others.