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01 September 2005

Google to Open Technology Facility in Oregon

Told people I wasn't crazy. They bought 30 acres of industrial land in Feb for just under $2mil. 85-miles east of Portland. Option to buy 3 other area sites. Construction estimated to cost $5-20mil.

They expect the facility to create between 50-100 jobs over time, with estimated average of $60k/yr salary + benefits (kinda low, probably why they chose The Dalles instead of Beaverton).

They have agreed to provide Google with tax incentives and power supply (according to The Dalles Chronicle).

Of course, The Dalles has had fiber since 2003, and Ashland since about 1998-ish... But, Beaverton, we MAY get it next year "IF AT ALL" according to Verizon. The Dalles fiber connects to NoaNet via Bonneville Power. Their fiber network is called "QLife" (quality of life). Senator Ron Wyden raised $700k for it to be put in. They also got grants from the Columbia River Gorge Scenia Area and loans from the Gorge organization.

Google said at the time that they had no specific project completion date, but was planning to start construction soon. Wonder if it has been started.

I looked through the minutes of the The Dalles Port Authority site, but could not find any mention of Google. Their site also has maps of their properties, but I unsure which one Google bought.