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01 September 2005

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M400 Skycar Deposit Information

Deposit is refundable until after a successful transitioning flight has occurred. Thereafter deposits are refundable only if Final Delivery Price exceeds List Price (as adjusted for CPI-W) by 5%, OR Standard Equipment List has been shortened OR Guaranteed Performance Specifications are not met, OR FAA Certification Date of the M400 Skycar occurs after December 31, 2008 or a Purchase Agreement is executed prior to FAA certification.

Your required deposit amount is as follows:

Delivery Position Minimum Deposit
Amount List Price
25-100 $100,000 $995,000
101-200 $25,000 $750,000
201-500 $10,000 $500,000

Performance Specifications & Equipment List

Guaranteed Performance
Passengers 4
Maximum speed 350 MPH
Cruise speed (25,000 ft.) 315 MPH
Range 750 Miles
Size Large automobile
Best mileage approx. 20 MPG
Useful payload 750 lbs
Can hover with one engine failed
Can use automotive gasoline

Certification Date
Not later than December 31, 2008

If you are interested in a delivery position please review the Moller M400 Skycar Deposit Agreement or contact Bruce Calkins at the following e-mail address: