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08 July 2005

Tampabay: Result of the State Attorney's inquiry

Ok, I am going to point out some comments from the article...

Based on what he refers to as "new information" contained in the Terri Schiavo autopsy report, Governor Bush has requested that our office take a "fresh look at the case" with no "preconceptions as to the outcome." Governor Bush's letter noted that the autopsy had not determined the cause of Mrs. Schiavo's "original injuries" in 1990 and had in fact cast doubt on the explanation that had been the basis of the 1992 malpractice verdict. He also noted that in 1992, 2003 and 2005 Michael Schiavo had given a time for his wife's collapse that was 40 to 70 minutes prior to the time that his 911 call was received by emergency services.

He obviously did not want them to investigate it with "no preconceptions" because his request was full of comments about what "really" happened (as if he were there). By his own request, they should ignore everything he said.

Most of the pertinent "facts" are in the public record and have been considered and reconsidered by lawyers, jurors, judges and a myriad of experts ... - and found insufficient evidence of any prosecutable offense to justify a criminal investigation.... Although Dr. Thogmartin did not believe that the cause could be determined with resonable certainty, there are explanations far more likely and logical than any involving criminal wrongdoing.

Anotherwords he wants them to keep investigating until everyone changes their minds (including the jurors). And remember, these comments are by the people Governor Bush hired, not some random liberal.

The hypothesis that Terri's low potassium level was a factitious result of medication and fluid administered during her resuscitation is not new but first surfaced in the 1992 malpractice trial.

Ok, I can tell you from first hand experience that there are other causes. I personally went to the hospital a year ago with almost non-existent potassium levels and the doctors concluded it was caused by me taking too many Tums. Specifically, I whenever the heartburn became too extreme to handle, I took Tums. The calcium-carbonate in the Tums bound to my potassium, and totally screwed me up. Luckily I now have Prilosec, but... my point is there are very common ways to have low potassium levels.

Terri had sought this doctor's help in 1989 because of difficulty in getting pregnant and up until the time of her death was under treatment for amenorrhea (abnormally infrequent menstrual periods), a well documented result of eating disorders in young women.

Ok, this is just stupid. Webmd says that the cause is generally not known, but that ONE of the causes is 'Stopping the use of birth control pills' and 'Stress' and 'Depression'. Ok, so if you think that it HAD to be because of an eating disorder, you are also assuming she was trying to get pregnant while still taking birth control, and that failure to have a child is not stressful or depressing.

and her extremely low level of potassium and that the latter condition led to her cardiac arrest

What? Low potassium can cause cardiac arrest? Well, I guess the doctors were right when they told me that it was a good thing that I came in when I did (the above-mentioned Tums situation).

could explain her low serum potassium after the incident and that this reading did not necessarily reflect electrolyte levels at the time of her collapse

Hmmm, interesting... they said I had severly low electrolyte levels too... and almost no potassium... hmm, and I collapsed too... wierd... guess that my problem must have been bulimia and not the ulcerative coilitis (caused by immune system being TOO strong) that they diagnosed me with.

While Dr. Thogmartin's report indicated that non-traumatic asphyxia was not impossible, I do not believe that this can be constructed to mean that it represents a plausible explanation or one that is equally or more likely than the possible non-criminal explanations for Mrs. Schiavo's collapse.

In fact, it can be caused from something as simple as Food Alergies. From WebMD: Food allergies affect between six million and seven million Americans, and the numbers are on the rise, according to the Food Allergy Network (FAN). A reaction can include swelling of the tongue and throat (leading to asphyxia, and possible loss of consciousness), diarrhea, hives, and abdominal cramps. An estimated 100-200 people die each year from food allergy-related reactions, according to FAN.

I'll end with one last quote from the article:
Also, when asked about her son-in-law during the 1992 malpractice trial, Mary Schindler testified, "He's there every day. She (Terri) does not want for anything. He is loving, caring. I don't know of any young boy that would be as attentive. He is ... he's just unbelievable, and I know without him there is no way I would have survived this."