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22 July 2005

Bush creates new post to battle global piracy - Jul. 22, 2005

Do they even realize they are shooting themselves in the foot? I mean, forget the fact that independant studies have shown that sales have actually gone UP with P2P instead of down as they claim, and forget that they get tax breaks for the assumption that stuff has been stolen whether it has been or not -- but sometimes these things aren't even available in the United States.

For example, one time I downloaded something from E*Nomine. I had no idea who (or what) they were, but their name sounded kewl. I love it. If I ever see something of theirs for sale, a concert, etc -- I will buy/go. I have even checked out their website to try to figure out how to buy their music.

On a similar note, the other day at Borders, my wife was looking at buying a soundtrack. She took it over to one of the listening machines, and that CD wasn't available to check out first, so she put it back and did not buy it.

You know, before Jake died in Iraq (damn you Bush) he wanted to start his own music label that was more artist-focused unlike the current money-hungry leeches that artists sign to now. Maybe we should do it in his honor.