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20 July 2005

Internet Security and the Threshold of Pain

If you look at Windows and Linux, both are based on 25-year-old technology. Windows is sort of a GUI version of the Mac's operating system, and Linux is of course Unix, which stems from 1968. These are both old clunkers. So the question is, Where are the new operating systems likely to come from? And will that OS come from the modern software corporation (of which Microsoft is the epitome), or will it spring out of some open-source initiative at some university somewhere? My bet is that the modern U.S. corporation�like Microsoft but not Microsoft in particular�is much more likely to come out with this new OS than a loosely coordinated band of volunteers in the open-source community.

I have long held the belief that we keep using outdated technology instead of truly inventing. I mean, many of our OS designs are based on us having very little memory or speed. It would be nice if these systems were redesigned FROM SCRATCH to utilize current and upcoming technology. Now if I just had a small group of people and some cash....