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18 July 2005

IGN: State of the RPG: PC

In Star Wars: Galaxies, for instance, I can start working for the Rebel Alliance and undertake a mission to steal some TIE Fighter plans. Now, if I succeed at this, the Rebels will like me more and the Imperials will like me less but, beyond that, the game world as a whole simply doesn't care if I succeed or fail. It's not as if getting these plans will give my faction a sudden advantage or that it will tip the balance of power one way or the other. What you're left with is a sense of non-accomplishment, a sense that you've done something and that it didn't really affect anything but your own reputation.

Hmmm, that's a good point... although I personally prefer the medieval-fantasy, maybe we should take on a setting where people feel like that in real life (maybe giving them the feeling that they are accomplishing something they couldn't in real life -- or even better, that they COULD if they tried)... Like politics... you could join one of the political parties, or perhaps a revolutionary group or two... you could do something to voting machines, wiretap some government officials phone line, spread false propaganda, whatever -- ie: we wouldn't restrict how you played or who you would prefer to win (though honestly the game might give slight advantages to the rebels).

Roleplaying games that draw on Chinese mythology, the Arabian Nights or the works of H.P. Lovecraft would definitely offer a nice change of pace.

Good point... I would like some stuff with Eris, but perhaps Kuntz could do a Cthulu-rpg... or maybe we could do a warring gods thing... hmmm.. or perhaps a game that focuses on when a couple alien races show up in primitive earth and are trying to establish themselves as dieties... that might be interesting...