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18 July 2005

Erowid Culture Vaults : 'Occult Genetic Code'

a brief scan of the start of this page got me thinking....

The oldest book in the Hebrew occult tradition is the Sefer Yetzirah or “Book of Creation.” It describes, in a magical way, how Yahweh created the universe and all living things using the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is said that God molded the letters as bits of clay into parallel and complementary strings – much like the lattices of DNA. The text goes on to say that those who learn this creation magic can also create living things – like golems and small animals. This sounds very much like a description of genetic engineering.

Following this genetic language metaphor a little further, it is interesting to note that the 64 unique codons of the DNA “alphabet” are always found in groups which code for 22 specific genetic “letters.” Each one of these genetic letters codes for a specific amino acid or a start/stop punctuation message in the chain. Since the Hebrew alphabet also has 22 letters – some which contain full stops and punctuation – I decided to see if I could find a meaningful isomorphism between the chemical language of life and the written language of one of Earth’s oldest cultures.


In trying to find an isomorphism between Hebrew and DNA structuring, I decided to start by studying the isomorphisms already noticed between DNA and the ancient Chinese system of divination, the I Ching. In recent years, there have been many books which successfully establish very detailed isomorphic maps between the 64 hexagrams (or kua) of the I Ching and the 64 codons which compose the complete genetic code.

Well, I have to admit. When I see 64 I immediately see binary... specifically, 2^6 (6 bits)... so...given a hexagon (or Star of David) with a candle either lit or not at each point, we can represent all the unique codons of the DNA "alphabet".

This PDF goes on to show how a cube can cast a shadow with at most 6-sides, and specifically that it can be angled to form a perfect hexagon. Besides showing how it can be used to extrapolate any n-dimensional depth, it also mentions hypercubes and goes into tetrahedral planetary geometry!

Even this site [which I just scanned the pics] talks about how the genetic code can be represented in a 6-dimensional boolean hypercube...

Ok, back to the original article...

Now that we’ve created a structural mapping between DNA and the I Ching, we can stretch the isomorphism to another level. The 64 codons of DNA form groups of groups which code for 22 separate amino acid or punctuation groups. The 22 codon groups of the genetic code can be broken down into 3 classes: 3 codons code for punctuation (Start or Stop); 7 codon groups code for hydrophobic amino acids; 12 codon groups code for hydrophilic amino acids. Amazingly, assigning Hebrew letters to the codon groups was made quite easy by the coincidence that in the Sefer Yetzirah, the 22 Hebrew letters are also broken down into 3 classes: 3 letters are “mothers”; 7 letters are “doubles”; 12 letters are “simples”.

So, based on this, I think it is becoming clear that there is at least a POSSIBILITY that the hebrew language itself (and the I-Ching) MIGHT be derived from DNA... based on this, it makes me wonder what would happen if we started analyzing the oldest text to determine what the DNA-equivalent of certain words (YAHWEH?) would be.... It also reminds me of watching Pi, where I learned that the Hebrew word for 'mother' and the Hebrew word for 'father' (since they have numeric representations) add to the Hebrew word for 'child' (or whatever, not sure what the exact words were off the top of my head)... Anyways, is it possible that the mathematics built into the language were actually describing the actual process at the DNA level?

So, here I was, reading the article (as I wrote this nonetheless) and then came across this paragraph which just increased the synchronicity:

Since there is insufficient symbolic content assigned to the Hebrew letters all by themselves, it is difficult to map a deeper meaning onto the complex messages of the 64 kua of the I Ching. However, the 22 major arcana cards of the divination system known as the Tarot have had Hebrew letters assigned to them since at least the late 19th century. By matching the Tarot card which corresponds with a specific Hebrew letter to the 7 DNA codons and corresponding I Ching kua, I hypothesized that I could create a meaning isomorphic bridge between symbolic concepts in both the I Ching and the Tarot through the filter of genetic code.

Although I dislike his use of Crowley imagery (I have always found the Thoth deck to be inaccurate and give false readings), this paragraph reminded me of the story of the tower of Babel:

To summarize, both systems use the same imagery to illustrate the same set of concepts; i.e. a chaotic storm splitting apart a large human-made edifice. This symbolizes the necessity to destroy the structure of ego in preparation for the reconstruction of a new broader-based conception of self suited to the ever-changing times.

Perhaps the story of Babel was simply referring to specific DNA patterns....

This is an interesting thought:

The Hebrew name Zephaniah means “God has hidden (something).” If that something was knowledge of the genetic code, and that knowledge was secreted away within the occult Qabala (“hidden tradition”) of Earth’s ancient cultures; then its rediscovery at this time may be the fulfillment of a portion of Zephaniah’s prophecy. If so, what comes next?

Anyways, saw an article that covered many of my obsessions, and thought I would share some initial reactions to it AS I read it instead of after I had time to digest it...