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07 July 2005

Slashdot | Six Bomb Blasts Around Central London

When Dino and I heard about this on the news this morning, the first thing she said was "Do you think the US or UK did it?".

As I was pondering that, and thinking that I really do see the government themselves as the terrorists, I noticed that Tony Blair said "Them" instead of "Al Queda", as if he knew it wasn't them. Although it may sound like I am paranoid or something, it came across like "I told Bush I wasn't willing to do it to my own people and he went and did it anyways".

Is it wierd to think that 1/2 the US (the non-Republicans) see the US Government as terrorists? Is it wierd to think that 1/4+ of the US think the US Govt was behind 9/11? Then why are they still in power?

Many people keep saying that things will stay the way they are because people are apathetic. I don't think so. I don't think people don't care -- I think they have been convinced that they can't make a difference. Our system of voting has really helped that impression.

And maybe they are right... Maybe we can't change the system from the inside... but what's the alternative?

And, even if we found a way to replace the current government... what would we replace it with? It is fine to say "a true democracy instead of this republic" or "non-capitalism"... but, those don't tell us what to do on Day 1 of the job. WHAT would it be replaced with?