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15 July 2005

News: Fujitsu Debuts Bendable Electronic Paper

Finally, someone might mass produce passive-OLED... I've only been telling people how kewl it was for 7 years or so.. longer? hard to remember anymore...

I have sooo many ideas of what I can do with it -- but... if I post them, others might do them before me :( Then I wouldn't be as kewl when i did it ;)

Oh, here's some more OLED info, and here's a link explaining how Pioneer was including OLEDs in their car stereos in the 90s.

Oooh, this version could be kewl -- transparency!!! What if we do something like this using that? Hmmm. transparent OLED with old-school projector to make huge wallscreen? Of course, we could just make a huge OLED for the wall, but then we wouldn't be getting to use the transparent OLED.