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15 July 2005

In smarts, she's a perfect 10

You know, this brings up an interesting point about our education system...

I grew up in Alturas. It is a little hickville in NorthEastern California. Though it is the county seat, it only has one red blinking light at the end of the 1-mile long main street where highway 395 and 299 intersect. In 1979, in 1st grade, a computer class was required. We were using TRS-80 Color Computer I. Sure, we started off with Turtle and Basic -- but we were programming. The computer class was required in 1st through 8th grade.

When I left Alturas and moved to Redding (then Ashland then Portland-metro), I realized that kids today don't have that. Most of them take a Word/PowerPoint class before they graduate.

As much as I hated that little town, I learned more about computers (started programming at home in 1979) than I did in high school and college combined. In addition, I learned more from a game on that computer (Robot Odyssey) than SOU teaches in regards to digital electronics... It has to make you wonder. Why is the tiny town got better computer/electronics-education?

Of course, then there is the Waldorf school. I was tutoring a kid from there because they objected to technology completely. He was 11 and had never seen a multiplication table and was outcast at school (and eventually suspended) for owning a computer.